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Kiev Nut Company is a team of professionals, which is aimed at achieving the goals and objectives set by the Client. The main activity of the Kiev Walnut Company is Walnut production that meets all the requirements and conditions of the Customer and meets the standard criteria of the Importer's country, which is a guarantee of further international cooperation

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The demand for walnuts is growing every year. For the sale of the products received, one does not have to worry. Nut fruits have medicinal properties and are actively used in medicine and pharmacology. Walnuts in the old days were treated with many diseases, made from them medicinal tinctures. Scientists have long recognized the walnut as the most useful in the world. In addition, the consumption of nuts grows every year especially in the European zone. For this reason, Poland has recently increased three times the area under walnut seedlings. The annual rate of consumption of walnut in the diet of a person by generally accepted standards - a minimum of 3.6 kg. Walnut kernels are rich in iodine, which very well affects the effective work of the brain. They also have many useful microelements that stimulate the work of the brain. The shape of the nuclei reminds us of this. Everyone knows that nuts very well affect potency and contain a lot of vitamin E. In times of famine, thanks to walnuts, many families survived. A plentiful amount of protein, fats, vitamins and trace elements in walnuts, was enough for a full-fledged human diet in extreme conditions.

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Walnut - a tree with a well developed root system, reaching a length of 30 meters (in some cases, more). The bark of the trunk is cracked, having a dark gray color. Leaves odd-pinnate, fairly large, with 2-5 pairs of oblong-ovate, bare, whole-leaf leaves. Staminate walnut flowers - in large earrings, fruits - false stems, globular or oval, with leathery-fleshy green outer pericarp and internal woody (stone). The tree begins to blossom to April-May, bear fruit - by August-October. Walnut (core) contains nitrogen-free extractive elements, salts of cobalt and iron, protein, fats. Also, the fruit of the tree is generous for vitamins E, A, P, B1. Ascorbic acid in the fruit of the tree is larger than in citrus and black currant. Green walnuts (pericarp) contain tannins, iodine, ascorbic acid, yuglon with pronounced bactericidal activity; leaves - essential oil of walnut, carotene, ascorbic acid, mineral salts, tannins, hydro-aglon, flavonoids; roots - nicotine, serotonin, mineral salts, iodine, tannins.

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History of origin

Walnut - a tree-long-liver, able to survive (individual copies) to 2000 years. In Ancient Greece this tree was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. One legend tells that for a long time Kariya - the daughter of the king of Lakonia and the beloved of the god Dionysus - was turned into this tree. The abundant fruiting of the walnut tree up to the "oldest" age seemed to the ancient people to be amazing, for this reason in ancient Rome and Greece the walnut symbolized longevity, prosperity and abundance. Priests of Babylon forbade to eat nuts to ordinary people, the ancient Greeks brought nuts to each other only in solemn occasions, the Romans used the fruits of the tree as an indispensable attribute of wedding rituals. In Moldova and the Caucasus, there is still a rite: when a child is born, he is planted with a walnut tree.

Walnut is also called Walnut. People widely use it for food, some nationalities even cook jam from walnuts.


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